【Gardening】2020/06/25 Open Mung Beans!

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(A mung bean dropped when I opened the first bean pod!)

I harvested some beans recently, the mung bean pod will turn to be dark green when they are matured, and the color has classic beauty looks.

I wanted to take video before but I had no idea about what I want to take, I finally achieved it this time. I took out a light tripod to fix the phone to avoid shadow; fortunately the picture is still clear. (But the disadvantage is that the autofocus has been very accurate during the trial shooting, and it failed when I started to open bean pods. L)

It’s funny that a mung bean fell off when I opened the first bean pod, so after the first video, I was looking for beans for a long time, and finally I shot the second paragraph of “Adding a Bean”; In the third part, the part of “calculating bean pods” was not recorded, so I pretended to count again.

In fact, I personally think that mung beans are not easy to plant for novices.

The main reason is that although mung beans are easy to germinate, it’s still difficult to take care of them in the later period compared to spearmint which is tough with “high battle force”.

Although the mung beans can be successfully matured after being occupied by these diseases and insect pests, and won’t affect the appearance of the harvested beans, it won’t be pleasing to eye. (Those soybeans and mung beans that were quickly displayed in the beginning of the film were all covered by insect pests but matured and harvested successfully.)

The only benefit is that beans are easy to “bully” by insect pests, so insect pests on the other plants (such as red spiders, leaf miners, etc.) will be relatively reduced.

In addition, the most difficult part is water control. If the light is insufficient and the soil is too moist, the mung beans will easily rot or die, or other relatively healthy plants have begun to flower and bear fruit, but the unhealthy plants still maintain the “just alive” state.

So I think that if you want to pursue “good/pretty planting”, mung beans may not bring you a sense of accomplishment, but if you want to pursue “improving gardening skills”, mung beans is a cheap and convenient source of practice.


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