【Gardening】06/26 Record: Lychee Planting from seed

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This article is translated myself. There’s might something wrong grammar or words here, but I’d like to try my best to share these with you.

Summer is the season of Lychee! (For me, also is the season of watermelon and mango!) Lychee is hot food in Chinese Medicine, it’s really necessary for asthenia cold body like me.

This year, I got seeds of passion fruits and wax apples and planted them, I’d like to try to plant Lychee this time!

Last week, I soaked 4 seeds of Lychee and prepared to plant them. (It will cost lots of time if fruit trees are grew from seeds instead of grafting.)

In general, Lychee seeds will begin to split after soaking in water for two to three days. I continue soak them until the seeds completely split and start to plant it.

Turn the hilum of seeds (the detaching point between seeds and branches of fruit trees) upward and press into soil when planting, then spread a layer of gravel (or soil) to avoid birds which may peck away your seeds.

In my case, Javan myna and Spotted dove are both “Diablo”, sometimes may include Tree sparrow and Taiwan white head bulbul but I’m not sure.

Few days ago, my noble dendrobium was pulled up by a bird… I hope they just take away the grass they need rather than hurt my plants. (But I think the wish to pray for world peace is far easier to achieve than hope the birds not to be plant troll. lol)


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